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Ceramic Art

Studio Haportzim is directed by Sarah Shuraki, a graduate of the world-renowned Bezalel Academy of Art & Design. Bezalel, in Jerusalem, is Israel’s National School of Art with some 1,500 students registered in programmes such as: Fine Arts, Architecture, Ceramic Design, Industrial Design, Jewellery, Photography, Visual Communication, Animation, Film, Art History & Theory.


Sarah’s specializations are Pottery and Design as well as Glazing techniques and recipes. She is the recipient of the Polonsky Prize, awarded for excellence by the Bezalel.

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Sarah Shuraki-Zisken ,living in Israel Graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (with honors) Has participated to various expositions in the world (North Carolina-Paris-Toronto-Belgium-Israel and more).
Actually working in her private studio in Jerusalem and also partially teaching at the Bezalel academy. All her works are inspired by an inner requirement to locate the position of man in the Created world.
She has generated organic shapes influenced by the basic structures existing in Nature. She has developed a special technique in order to concretize her aspirations.

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